Sunday, October 23, 2011

I-Cool Solar, solar-powered

It has gone a long time since the last time that we had referred to the possibility of using solar combined to an air conditioner, something which was then a project that had enough, try taking everything very uncertain and no feasible and cost-effective applications at this time.

Well, something very similar is what has been done together by signatures project ICL Co Ltd., Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. and Nippon Fruehauf Co, who joined forces to give rise to an industrial called I -Cool Solar, which will maintain a fresh and comfortable using solar energy environment.

To do this there was no more than put a series of photovoltaic solar panels on the roof of this vehicle, which capture all possible energy and store in a specially placed battery for this purpose, achieving considerable fuel savings, or at least 1% that will add enough if what we combine with other systems to reduce consumption.
These companies are planning to start series production of these devices beyond than 2012, looking to equip a large number of industrial cars.

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