Saturday, October 15, 2011

Energy Renewable Used to Purify Water

One of the major problems at the global level is the terrible and huge amount of people who do not have access to water drinking; We speak of more than two billion cases. This crucial problem part, researchers aim to alleviate this shortcoming on desalination Navy through the use of renewable energies.

The process consumes high quantities of energy needed by reverse osmosis desalination of saltwater. Number of cases in which through solar energy has managed to develop techniques for purifying water, generating electricity used in water purification have known so far.Since Erenovable we already given some coverage as Algodonal (Ecuador) Tunisia and Morocco or Cambodia.

Today we talk about the system developed by the American company Aeolus wind energy to purify water-based. The process you have idea is to produce mechanical energy through the energy of the wind, which pumped water from source. Salt water is transported through a series of filters, which include a reverse osmosis membrane.Once you complete the process successfully obtain drinking water from salt water.We hope may be early application and reach places truly in need of this type of solution.

If you are interested in collaborating with this issue we invite you to know the NGO campaigns Charity Wate r, dedicated to providing safe drinking water to communities without access to this vital resource.

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