Monday, October 17, 2011

Seven products that should not be a part of your green home

 Products that should not be a part of your green home 

Not only these products pose a threat towards the environment but also they are harmful for humans.
With every passing day, people are becoming more and more aware of their responsibilities and duties towards the environment. If we want to maintain the balance in nature then we need to administer a number of changes in our lifestyles. For instance, there are a number of products which must not be a part of your home. Some of these products are listed below.

1. Mercury bulbs
The mercury and the filament bulbs have been in use for more than a century. However, a large fraction of power which they consume is converted into the heat energy which is thus wasted and only a small fraction is utilized as the useful light energy. Whereas a compact fluorescent lamp popularly known as CFLs uses only a small part of the energy that a regular light bulb uses. Also, regular bulbs contain mercury which is very toxic in nature. Using CFLs not only helps in the efficient use of energy, but also it lowers down your electricity bills.

2. Plastic shopping bags
What used to be the best thing about plastic bags has turned out to be their greatest drawback, they became so much popular because of the fact that they are very durable, however, now their durability has become a point of concern. Plastics are not bio-degradable which means that simply throwing them out is not going to get you rid of it. Also, burning them causes a lot of air population because they release toxic and poisonous fumes. Even in developed countries like USA, only 2 percent of the plastic bags get recycled, the rest 98% is dumped into landfills or blown out to sea. The best thing that you can do to help the environment is restrict their usage, in fact, avoiding them completely will be much better. Try using cloth or paper bags in place of them.

3. Chemical fertilizers
Although it may appear that chemical fertilizers cause a phenomenal growth in the overall crop production, but this is also a fact that these chemical fertilizers have led to immense damage to our water supply system and are the major factor behind the algal blooms. They don't decompose completely in the soil and when it rains, they are washed down to the water bodies like streams, rivers and oceans. The balance of our delicate water system gets disturbed causing the death of its inhabitants and degrading the water quality. We will recommend you to prefer organic fertilizers over the chemical ones. For small gardens, you can create compost by your own which will not only be environmental friendly but also very inexpensive in comparison to chemical fertilizers.

4. Antibacterial products
Besides interfering with the development of the immune system development, the antibacterial drugs have also contributed towards the emergence of new strains of antibiotic-resistant "super-bugs". Triclosan is the most common antibacterial additive and its widespread use can be understood by the fact that it is found in more than 100 household products ranging from toothpastes and soaps to undergarments. These chemicals gradually accumulate in the body. You must avoid using products containing anti-bacterial additives. Try to remain clean, not germ free because these less harmful germs contribute towards the development of strong immune system in us.

5. Chemical insecticides and pesticides
The chemical insecticides and pesticides are very popular among the gardeners because of the immediate relief which they provide from the pests and insects. However, they are equally harmful even for humans. For instance, the active ingredient in Round-Up which is a very popular weed killer is known to cause reproductive harms and kidney damage. The active ingredient in roach-killer Raid is cypermethrin, this is a skin, eye and respiratory irritant and even shows negative effects on the central nervous system. So, it is much better to use the natural and organic pest and weed control products. Although these organic products will not give you instant results, but believe us, they are equally effective and that too without any side effects.

6. Air fresheners
The air fresheners contain chemicals which are extremely toxic and are known to aggravate respiratory ailments like asthma. Chemicals like phthalates are found even in those which have been labeled as natural and pure, these phthalates cause reproductive problems, hormonal abnormalities and birth defects. Instead of using these room fresheners, you can try simmering cloves and cinnamon. Let the fresh air in by leaving few windows open. Consider boiling a pot of water with few drops of your favorite essential oil.

7. Non-Stick cookware
The non-stick cookware became an instant success when they were first introduced in the market in the 1960s. The utensils which had been in use before the release of non stick utensils, required to be soaked for hours and then had to be scoured with steel wool in order to clean them. However, there is one serious side effect of these non stick Teflon pans, the PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) coating which makes these cookwares non stick is known to release toxic gases at high temperatures. These gases have been linked with cancer, reproductive damage, organ failure and other harmful health effects. Therefore, it is recommended to cook foods on medium heat or less while using Teflon utensils. In fact, the safest option is to avoid them completely, and in place of them use the stainless steel, anodized aluminum or cast iron pans.

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