Sunday, October 16, 2011

Energy Thermal Sewers

In recent times has been given enough importance to geothermal sources, even encouraged by some of the energy companies most important countries, such as in the case of Acciona in Spain, looking for that this renewable energy is increasingly more acceptance and development.

To continue to show that it is a viable energy resource, students of the School Wattignies in Paris began to analyse the different heat sources from surrounding the Seine and adjacent sewer drains, making use of waste water discharged into various tributaries.

The analysis aims at converting the energy of hot water, washing machine, dishwasher, showers and toilets of industries and households, which can be converted and used for the production of Thermal power, with results which promise to be more than favourable.

Through a preliminary essay, for example, will allow the school to reach 70 per cent of the demand for heating, avoiding the emission of some 76.3 tons of carbon dioxide year, figures more than interesting that transported to the urban scale they become significant.

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