Friday, October 21, 2011

KUBIK by Tecnalia

Experimental building KUBIK is a pioneer in the world. It is a concept really very interesting: a modular, removable and flexible allows the installation and monitoring of various building systems sustainable and structure of energy efficiency. In KUBIK experienced today with the technology of the future.

Experimental building KUBIK was developed by Tecnalia, with collaboration from other 28 companies engaged in the construction. Some months ago has opened in the Technological park of Bizkaia.

 KUBIK is a smart building serving as actual scenario for testing companies to research and development of sustainable construction and eco-efficient. Mainly installed and tested various "elements" of a building as: facades, air conditioning, lighting, renewable energy supply systems.

Let's look at some technical data to see what exactly is the pilot building KUBIK:
building modular, flexible and metal desmontableestructura of aceroconsta of basement, ground floor, two floors and cubiertalas plant are square with a dimension of 100 m2 each unacada plant is divided into 9-cell, 7 of them are independent test rooms each other, 1 works as a control center and the other as dealer

holds 800 censors distributed in the building to monitor aspects as the heat flow in the building, humidity, lighting , solar radaciĆ³n influenced, acoustics, supplies of electricity by combining conventional energies and renewable (geothermal, solar and wind).

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