Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day of the Earth Philippines

Last Friday was celebrated in different countries and cities of the world day of the 2011 land, customary that in addition to the so-called day of the environment, seeks to raise awareness on the use of renewable energy and the subsequent care of the planetcarrying out various initiatives and projects, or simply to spread a message.

One of the countries which has taken various socks associated with the clean energy is Philippines, where alarming figures indicate that emissions of vehicles in the city of Manila reach 80% of the population, where about 30% is generated by public transport.

As a way to counteract this situation, and within the framework of this special day, the Government decided the dissemination of electric tricycles for urban transport, estimated approximately 20,000 units, a way that people become familiar with the use of electric motorsits benefits and advantages that have other means of transport.

The use of these vehicles will look not only for environmental benefit, but it also provides for a reduction in the import of fuel, with figures that estimate a saving of around EUR 25 million on an annual basis.

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