Tuesday, October 25, 2011

IKEA United Kingdom becomes renewable

Changes in the field of clean energy and responsible consumption must be accompanied by examples of large companies, and with regard to IKEA, we have already seen their contribution with the installation of charging stations, added in addition to the creation of the ikea sunnan, a desk lamp that uses a small solar panel that is associated with a rechargeable battery (a system very similar to the scientific calculators)

On this occasion, they have decided to go further, announcing that all stores this string, it has United Kingdom will be passed progressively to a renewable energy system, with the installation of a figure close to 39,000 photovoltaic solar panels, which will be deployed on the roofs of each of the branches.
This is added the purchase of a wind farm in Huntly, Scotland, where it will be able to generate some 12.3 MW of wind power per year, enough to supply energy at least a 30 per cent of all IKEA in the area, covering widely demand using clean energy.

This investment has a significance in the long term that includes a savings in the future in the rising price of energy, then adding your investments in wind farms already owned in Germany, Denmark and France, and continuing with large disbursements of money in this well sustainable and lasting.

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