Saturday, October 1, 2011

Creative alternative energy and insolita

Perhaps many are not effective in the future, but we must recognize that they are very original. Most of them because aim to capture alternative energy actions and perfectly regular elements (like a revolving door). Others with an innovative proposal, how to transform noise in electricity. And finally, those who are frankly funny - as the Bras to get energy from the movement of the breasts of women! Here you have a varied selection.

Soccket: A soccer ball that generates energy.

Four Harvard University engineering students have designed the "Soccket ", which is a soccer ball that generates energy when is it kick, producing energy throughout the day to provide light at night."
Flats to generate energy footprints

The Design school, Loughborough has designed a system of unique soil that is capable of generating electricity from the steps. In this concept, the soil is cleverly designed to transform the kinetic energy of the steps into electrical energy - a highly sustainable source of renewable energy.
Fluxxlab captures energy from revolving doors

The energy generated by revolving doors can also be a potential source of alternative energy discovered by designers of the Fluxxlan study. Called the "revolutionary gate", it would a turbine to capture the kinetic energy and then transport it and store it.
Alternative energy produced by the movement of the breasts.

While it is a fairly ridiculous question, should assess the creative ability of the designer adrienne So. After all, do you know something that is in motion produces energy. For this reason, So he believes that women who have long bust can generate energy from the movement of rebound that occurs. This energy can be harnessed through the special fasteners that have an elastic material with nanowires that help in the generation of energy.
sonea energy absorbing system captures the sound and makes it energy

Jihoon Kim, Kim Boyeon Kim Myung-Suk Chun and Da-woon industrial designers have found an innovative method to convert the sound into a source of renewable energy So they developed a device for absorption of the noise that has the capacity to generate about 30 watts of clean energy from just a decibel of sound.

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