Monday, October 10, 2011

Argentina Prohibits Incandescent Lamps

Within the framework of the efforts of countries to reduce the consumption of electrical energy, the Government of Argentina to ready the ban on incandescent lamps for residential use. The measure will come into full force in late May of 2011 and is expected to achieve an energy saving of huge proportions and, consequently, a significant decrease in the emission of greenhouse gases.

This important step has come to Argentina after a long struggle which began for nearly three years of Greenpeace hand. Draft replacement for incandescent light bulbs by the low consumption was adopted by the Government of President Cristina Fernández and presented in Congress as Bill. But while that law (Law 26.473) was approved at the end of 2008 was not put into practice, that it took two years to be regulated by the Executive branch.

He is expected that this measure will help significantly to alleviate the difficulties to supply the demand for electricity are presented since some years in the country. In times of increased consumption (during heatwaves, especially) this is often to make cuts of light in different areas of the capital and other cities.
Recall that Argentina is a country where much of the energy derived from non-renewable resources (mainly coal and oil) by that saving energy that generates this measure will lead to a significant reduction of gases greenhouse.

Each light bulb replaced by low consumption lamp brings 80% of saving of electricity. What is expected that the magnitude of energy saving is highly significant. The Government estimates will save the equivalent of four nuclear plants as atucha I production.

These are some of the most relevant points of law on ban on incandescent lamps:
prohibiting the marketing and import of incandescent lamps use entry into force of the law begins on May 31, 2011.quedan outside of this ban incandescent lamps with equal or less than 25 Watts (25 W) power .quedan would also ban the bulb whose nominal voltage is equal to or less than 50 volts (50 V).

1 demonstration in front of Congress in greenpeace
2 campaign against incandescent bulbs in 2008 at greenpeace
3 destroying bulbs, bulbs in greenpeace

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