Monday, January 17, 2011

Vehicles with alternative fuel

Much talks about new technologies applied to transportation on "ecological car". And there is a fundamental requirement using an alternative fuel. Thus refers to sources of energy other than gasoline or diesel, i.e. does not need oil.


Several factors are combined in the development of vehicles with alternative fuels.The strong increase in taxes on petroleum derivatives, more controls in the field of environmental laws, more the possibility of future restrictions associated with greenhouse gas emissions.

Why automotive corporations and Governments are working to make viable new forms of motorization of the car.Most of this development focuses on hybrid vehicles that use both electricity and internal combustion. But there are many other forms of vehicles with alternative fuels, these are some of the most remarkable.


Use alcohol as fuel for internal combustion engines is taking great momentum by their potential economic and environmental benefits in the long term.Ethanol and methanol are used for this purpose, both are derived from petroleum and natural gas.But ethanol has the greater interest since it could become a given renewable resource can produced from certain crops, making it a biofuel.


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