Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wind energy Portugal

Recently, we were talking about him wind energy and its production mainly in Spain. Leveraging that we have as neighbour Portugal and knowing that this country has a considerable investment in renewable energy, we have seen appropriate to talk about the production of wind energy in Portugal.eolica-google Wind energy is the energy obtained from wind, kinetic energy generated by effect of the currents of air, and is transformed into other forms useful for activities human.Wind energy is mainly used to produce electricity through wind turbines. At the end of 2007, global capacity of wind generators was 94.1 gigawatts. 2009 Wind generated around 2% of global electricity consumption, equivalent to the total demand for electricity in Italy, seventh largest economy worldwide. In Spain wind power produced 11% of electricity consumption in 2008, and 13.8% in 2009.Con regarding Portugal wind energy situation, we can highlight several important points: we know that Portugal is the second country in the world more wind energy used after Denmark, since each 100 watt of electricity consumed in the Portuguese homes last year, 15,03 watts were generated by the wind.energia-eolica Here in this ranking of mere countries wind, power is perfectly Portugal is above Spain after Portugal wind energy consumption-related reference data is associated with the number of hours consumed of this. In 2009 for example of energy consumption in Portugal, 24 hours on average 3 hours and 36 minutes came from wind, which meant 31 percent more in relation to the previous year.

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