Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Photovoltaic energy

Son the future of renewable energy, already not dependent on fuel and permit Sin sustainable development too much maintenance and radii of the different types of energy, photovoltaic solar energy is inside of the most used, thanks a its effectiveness and availability.


This type of solar energy to produce electricity and directly obtained from the Sun's rays by using solar panels react to light and heat (photoelectric effect). This electrical energy produced LUEGO is stored in batteries to be able to power a self-employed in Oct, shelters, isolated houses where electrical electricity isn't, boats or even for distribution networks.

A great advantage of this energy is made once the investment starting there is almost no maintenance and begins an amortized immediately, you are doing little by little have increasingly more households opt for installing solar panels on rooftops to begin a benefit from this green energy not forgetting.


Having the advantage of a resource as accessible as the sunlight solar panels can be installed almost anywhere in the world to provide a stable supply of energy is making it increasingly develop more technologies to use photovoltaic solar energy in all types of vehicles and Oct technology everyday, like mobile phone Chargers, or even in the aviation industry.


The cost of solar panels will gradually reducing and emerging new technologies increase significantly its performance, making energy solar becomes gradually in the energy management most used around the world Pope.