Sunday, January 2, 2011

A central solar energy 110 years old House

Who are manifested in the use of solar energy, one of the arguments that most resort is to make the most of this energy source, requires a great infrastructure, allowing to hold all the necessary Photovoltaic panels for electric energy.

Casa Ann Harbor

Therefore, Ann Harbor, Michigan (United States) has been a perfect example of that to take advantage of this renewable energy is not necessary to have a large structure, since it can be used up in House of 110 years old, in a distant past did not even have electricity.

This home owners opted for reforming the roof of this House to convert it in the oldest House that uses this source of energy, producing annually until 2.5 Mega Watts of energy, much more than what they could have obtained by connecting to the local electricity grid.

What they did to get this benefit was quite simple, reforming the roof and covering it completely from solar cells, which produce up to 12,500 KWh, a very high figure considering that the House does not consume more than 10,000 KWh per year.

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