Monday, January 3, 2011

Passive solar energy: the use of accumulators

In recent days we have been working since Erenovable passive solar energy-themed and pointing out some of its basic elements: the trombe walls and collectors. In this article we'll talk another essential device for exploiting bioclimatic energy: accumulators.


The accumulators or accumulation systems are critical when looking for resources that originate in processes with uneven timing.This happens in many cases, to obtain electricity, light, water, heat, etc.

Typically occurs when better chance of acquisition does not coincide with the time that we need to use it.This presumes solar passive, since the heat obtained from it collects during the day but the moment of greatest need is at night, when the temperatures are lower.The function of the accumulators is precisely the store the resource retrieved by the collector and reserved for its proper time.


An ecological House with a good bio-climatic design and accumulators of good quality and adequate capacity can thus procure from heat energy passive solar heating both for the production of water hot.

sources:, based on a paper by Rosa Maria Herrera, "houses smart vs. ecological houses".




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