Monday, January 3, 2011

Environmental contaminacion

One of confusions more common on environmental contamination is to think that just about air pollution, when this is only one of the concept of environmental pollution, including types of pollution by will try it to explain it better, certainly by the definitions of the words for a better understanding.


Contamination occurs when external media agents entering it and achieve change or alter it, as for example spills of oil at sea, is one of the examples more clear about the contamination of water and bring dire consequences for marine life. But it is there where we will define what is the environment. In the case of the example above, the affected environment is the sea, while the air remains Sin contaminated, a less burn oil as a form to contain the spill and forming gases achieve air pollution zone, unfortunately is a "solution" more common.

I defined these terms we can say the environmental pollution subject one different zones, ecosystems, areas, and means, being this contamination directly affects it the environment and life on the planet.

There are many ways to combat pollution and help care for the environment, use products biodegradable, recycled at home, do not use plastic bags, encourage the use of returnable containers, not places by throwing trash in unfit to remain where Sin treatment or inclusive to try taking a penchant for green energy, e.g.