Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wind farms

Recently we explain things on wind energy in this blog. It was necessary that a blog about renewable energies addressed this topic. But often tends to be that when you talk about something, that need to investigate and discover, becomes another topic more. And since I myself wondered where was this precious energy of the future, I decided to talk about the parks wind.

Parques eólicos

Remember that wind power is all that is obtained from wind and is transformed into other forms useful for activities human.

parques eólicos

Wind energy is obtained from wind turbines. These are a few power generators, which are driven by a turbine which in turn is driven by the wind . They use a system similar to its predecessors, the windmills. They are so similar to these General and vulgar terms typically call these windmills.These generators are considered to be a source of clean energy, renewable, since for energy production do not require a combustion which produces polluting waste. Thus we can say that a wind farm does not contaminate the environment, becoming the means of energy production more clean has discovered the man.As we have said before, a wind farm might be the means of energy production more clean that it exists. But we have not made clear they are wind farms. These are a set of wind turbine that transforms wind power into electricity .Wind farms are often built in open spaces, ground surfaces both in the water. Is more common to find on Earth, but it seems that in recent years it has popularized the build in the sea, supposedly because the sea floor will not be as expensive as the of land.To build a wind farm, are very considered dissimilar existing soil and the environment. It is usually take time important to take the necessary measures to make it conducive to build a wind park, takes into account especially the direction and power of the wind.In spite of all this is beginning to have a wind farm in the sea is much more efficient. Here is the link to an interesting article where carefully explains how to build a wind farm in the sea.

parques eólicos

If we look at a general level the situation in Europe . The largest investors in wind farms are: Germany, Scotland, Spain and Portugal. Germany has the largest number of wind parks in the world, it shows that they know investing in renewable.Spain, little by little becomes a big gap in this field which has big future. It has 11.615 MW of installed wind power that represents 9% of total demand.The human being has a limit fixed, that's something inexplicable yet existing, we have no course and much less a Cap. We move forward, and this will supposedly be the century of renewable.Been long consumiente many exhaustible resources, and that is something that has to inevitably jigsaw in society. It's something of life and death.In the field of this type of renewable energy, you will find one such as wind, very clean and inexhaustible. Only recoup a large investment in the future will become the only make energy. Change towards clean energy is inevitable, mainly because the Earth will never leave that end up with it, using resources limited.




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