Friday, January 14, 2011

University Research into Alternative energy

Wood and biomass research jointly conducted by the University of Florida and the performance of the Shell as a result of energy for decades the largest single ' energy Crop Plantation "throughout the United States system of managing planting rights. This Plantation takes about 130 acres and more than trees have been planted detailing the home, including the cottonwoods (native territory) and eucalyptus (which are non-invasive) such as soya different line with plants. This arrangement "super" trees were to bring into force the connection to the University as a result of joint research, the US Department of energy, Shell's Common Purpose Institute and various natural persons employed by diplomatic missions and consular posts of alternative energy sources, (they are not dependent on fossil fuels) to develop future groups with other agencies. This study focuses on the security of energy supply and processing of biomass plantings is known as "the" closed-loop "biomass" fast-growing plants, or simply "energy". The project is seeking to develop "power plants" such as wood pulp or of wood fiber, biogas industries of institutions, such as used by surgarcane, which can be used for the development of ethanol, and biodiesel fuel crops such as soybeans production to clean.

In alternative energy research also takes place at Penn State University. Penn State at a specific research will focus on the hydrogen power source for the development of a policy of alternative energy sources. The participating researchers is convinced that mankind is moving towards a hydrogen economy, therefore, needs without lignite fueled pollution reduction, and find other energy sources, in addition to the United States up to the petroleum power. The burnt pure hydrogen energy and can be renewed indefinitely, as it can be done with water and crop plants.Hydrogen power should sustainable energy resource you can find US at the same time, the world's infrastructure, its ' supply (affordable), peak oil, begins to decline. University aims to help powered hydrogen fuel cells, commercial development, which would be useful for combustion engines instead of or in tandem, all our motor vehicles.

When President Bush announced the recent initiative of alternative energy sources, he set up the Government's sustainable industry five "Sun Grant" concentrated research centres.Oregon State University is in honor of one of these centres has chosen to have government grants EUR 20 million for each of the following four years in order to be able to carry out their functions.HIT lead the way in researching alternative energy sources, as it represents the interests of the Pacific Islands, Oceania and the US ' nine Western States. HIT President Edward Ray reads, HIT's Sun Grant through the work center is to promote directly to us meeting President Bush challenge the independence of the energy of a particular varios teams. researchers are currently made HIT right now alternative energy research includes project will address the question of how to effectively convert such products straw fuel source of renewable biomass and the second aimed at studying effectively convert liquid fuel wood fibres ".