Sunday, February 19, 2012

Use of Alternative Energy Sources

There is a growing concern about the looming energy crisis. Each Government in the world is looking for ways to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels and focus shifted to alternative energy sources. Affected groups and individuals have their global efforts to increase the awareness about the need to conserve energy and preserve natural resources.

So what has led to this energy crisis? There is no one answer, because the cause is a series of abuse and misuse of resources of the Earth. And the problem does not stop with the lack of energy. On the contrary, it permeates all aspects of the planetary life.

To meet the growing needs of the ever-increasing population, plants and industries was to be built. Modernisation of industries question extremely large amounts of energy while the surface of traditional energy sources, coal and oil, however, takes off. Compounding the situation is the non-stop emission of toxic gases by factories and even by the man himself in his ordinary daily activities. These gases pollute the air and contribute to global warming, making the planet unsafe for humans to live.

Energy crisis is actually just a part of the global problem of a sick and maybe dying planet. Nevertheless, the solutions for the energy crisis, specifically the use of renewable energy sources, can check the further degradation of the planet which, in combination with the efforts to recover from many of the natural resources that hopefully will nurse the planet back to health, can give us all a better future.
Here are some ways the use of alternative energy sources can help to avert energy crisis and in the Wellness efforts for mother earth:

1. less dependence on oil and coal. Current distribution area from renewable energy sources contribute approximately 18% of global energy consumption. What many independent groups proposals is 100% energy supply from alternative sources, meaning fossil fuels and nuclear energy will not be used. And this is very much possible considering the long-term potential of renewable energy from sunlight, wind, water, tides and geothermal energy. Some scientists have to prove that their respective countries soon itself entirely by renewable energy can power.

2. minimum to zero emissions of toxic gases. A great advantage to the use of alternative energy sources is the reduction of the emissions of carbon dioxide and many other pollutants. Solar-energy panels and wind turbines have no emissions. This is not only offers clean air for humans to breathe, but also no additional load to the warming stops contributory.

3. minimum production of waste products. The technologies used in utilizing renewable energy make very little waste. In fact, there is even a source of renewable energy, biomass, which utilizes waste products in generating power. This is a two faces the problems of energy supply and solution powered by waste disposal responds.

4. conservation of natural resources. Less dependence on fossil fuels also means there would be less need to strip-mine wide areas of Coal and oil sands. There will no longer be oil stains that pollute the seas and killing of birds and marine life.

So viable as alternative energy sources, it would still take some time before the world can be weaned from the dependence on fossil fuels. For the time being, while the infrastructure for renewable energy sources are built, the most we can do to help prevent the energy crisis is to reduce the total energy needs.

Energy saving is something that everyone can participate. This can be as simple as the restriction of the use of cars and take public transportation, riding bikes, or walk instead. It would be something that comes naturally as opening windows to let fresh air instead of using the air conditioning unit or turn off the lights that are not used.

It is also about use of alternative energy sources, such as hydrogen to run cars.