Monday, February 27, 2012

Offshore Wind Farm in London

This time, we refer you to discuss the project that is starting to take shape in London, which in recent weeks has started construction and is planned to supply the great British metropolis.

By the time he has started to build the first phase of the project, with the installation of the first two turbines on 27 and 28 January, having already a generation of 3.6 MW of electricity available, they will begin to be operational from next March.

At this stage seek to install about 175 wind turbines, which would end not to deploy before the end of 2012, and which could have a power capacity of about 630 MW, then give place to the next stage.

After the first phase of London Array, will seek to quickly add more wind turbines in the second phase, looking to double the number of turbines up to 1 GW Power, which would be able to supply about 750,000 homes

For the moment nothing is confirmed about a third stage of the project, but if all goes well not be ruled out following further expanding this Off-Shore Wind Farm.