Monday, February 13, 2012

FOOW Eco Rider

The electric car platform keeps growing leaps and bounds, with the presentation of electric Concept and other designs much more striking and extravagant, which will not populate the electric vehicle market but for a future very, very far, and there is even the possibility that eventually are not even a production model.

In addition to the concepts of cars from small, thinking more than anything in the future where search decompress and decongest the major roads, we have before us the foow Eco rider, an idea for other creative and with a quite futuristic design.

To add a more space-saving, the rear of this vehicle, which forms a kind of fin, can be lifted to a vertical position, which would allow a driver to go comfortably and standing, in addition to avoiding the problems to find a place where to park.

Inside there is only room for an occupant, and we can see in their design that his windshield, surrounding all their periphery, little shows in this regard.

Three wheels, a rather dark and striking design, and the idea of not only save fuel, but also take advantage to the maximum extent possible the available space.