Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Energy Bag: Energy accumulated under the sea wind turbines

Today we bring you a very interesting development: energy bag, a buffer submarine of compressed air that works as a store of energy for marine wind farms. We told you what this means.

The developer of this technology is the thin Red line aerospaceCanadian company. energy bag device is immersed approximately 600 meters deep, still connected to the turbines wind that filled with air this big globe. At these depths the pressure is 60 or 70 times higher than the air, the energy bag works in fact as a tank of compressed air. So the energy that can contain is great really: 600 m of depth, a bag of 20 meters in diameter can accumulate the 70MW hours of energy equivalent (what is generated with 14 hours of the turbine wind-generation more powerfulNavy in operation).

The accumulated energy is available to be released into generators when necessary. It could thus make up for the intermittent wind moments or meet the demand at peak times.