Thursday, February 16, 2012

The development of new energy sources is ongoing, thinking different applications that range from the use of different Gadgets to supplant the lithium ion batteries which became very popular between the world of hybrid and electric cars.

One of the projects that have been released in recent days is a Flat Sodio-NĂ­quel drums, which will override or supplement to various formats and designs of rechargeable, offering a high durability in a comfortable design.

Its form is the main advantage highlights above other batteries, similar to a flat disk, conformation which gives physical advantages over others: allows you to deliver up to 30% more energy at low temperatures, a problem that has been reported recently in electric cars, and as a result of frost, for example.
Another advantage is the cost of its manufacture, its components are made with aluminum, nickel, sodium chloride, much cheaper than those used in the lithium-ion batteries, and offering the same or better performance.