Monday, February 20, 2012

Transform your iPhone into a Pack of Wahoo bike bicycle computer

The domain of the computer in our lives is hard to neglect. They depend on for virtually all aspects of our working lives. Look to her around and you will see almost every individual sports urban some gadget or another based on the PC. If it's a smartphone, Tablet PC or laptop, you will be hard pressed to find someone who can live without these modern wonders.

Wahoo Bike Pack turns your iPhone into a bicycle computer.
Taking this obsession of equipment to a new healthy level it is Wahoo. The latest creation to be released by the company is the Pack of moto Wahoo, which transforms your iPhone into a mini PC for your bike.

While this technology is not new, what is offering Wahoo is economy with this version, which is cheaper than the iBike Dash CC, a similar device. Fitness freaks will be excited by the Pack motorcycle, which is much more elegant and stylish. Customers will get a case of iPhone that is water and shock resistant with full access with touch screen, a fitness app as well as a wireless speed and Cadence sensor. Coatings of rubber in the case of ensuring that your smartphone fits perfectly in the case.

The Wahoo bike Pack supports iPhone 3 G and 3GS and 4 of the series. It can be easily mounted on the handlebars of his bicycle, the pack has a quick release that can be manipulated to vertical or horizontal views support.

The case has an Ant + transceiver radio, that connects the iPhone with the sensor. Addition, recumbing motorcycle drivers can also change the sensor that fit correctly. According to Wahoo, the sensor is waterproof up to five feet deep and can transmit signals from a distance of 10 feet. If that is not enough for it, you'll be happy to know that the transceiver is compatible with ANT + fitness measuring instruments too.