Friday, February 3, 2012

Three alternative energy solutions for homes

One of the hot topics is now alternative energy solutions, or, "green" energy. Here are three alternative energy solutions, the benefits and how they work.

Wind Energy 
Wind energy is created by using a turbine on a high tower of the wind to kinetic electricity. A wind powered generator, 50 to 90% of an electricity bill can save and 1.2 tonnes of air pollutants and greenhouse gases that would have been created by an electric company 200 tonnes can compensate. They have very few moving parts, can quite easily be installed and when your turbine produces more electricity than your home needs, the electric company is legally obliged to buy from you or the excess can be stored in batteries for later use in your home.

The cost for a generator can be quite steep, though. A small turbine can the cost of $ 6000 to $ 22,000, including installation. The costs can be paid by the Government incentives and subsidies for those using and installing of "green" forms of electricity, and the operational costs for a wind powered generator is basically nothing at all. A turbine can be retro fitted to your home's electrical system, so there is no rewiring that needs to be done for this alternative energy solution.

Solar energy is created by sunlight into electricity using cells made of silicon, which, when exposed to sunlight, creates an electrical charge. This process is called photovoltaics.
Solar home kits can be a maximum of $ 10,000 or more, depending on your energy needs costs. Solar discount programs or tax credits can help offset these costs. For example, the California Energy Commission has reserved $ 3.2 billion for the financing of solar projects in California. The money is distributed through cooperation with utilities and companies can get an automatic 30% Federal tax credit for the use of this alternative energy solution. And, just as when use of wind energy, if you produce more electricity than you need, you can sell to your electric company.

If you are fortunate enough to be a source of running water near your home, such as a river, stream, or brook, then hydropower possible an alternative energy solution worth in.Hydropower is formed by small water generators micro-hydro turbines that have been set up in the flow of the water drawn. These turbines can produce non-stop power no matter what the weather is like, unlike solar or wind powered alternative energy solutions.

It is also the cheapest alternative. A House turbine system can be as little as $ 1,000 to $ 3,000 dollar costs.