Monday, February 6, 2012

Collected Rainwater a Renewable Resource

The numbers say that 18 percent of the total population of the world has no access to clean water for drinking. Our survival, to be more precise, our existence is at stake. This is the time to understand the importance of water and begin working to preserve their identity.

As water is a renewable resource collection of rainwater is a technique for conserving water and divert it to a deposit of underground water.

In this article will show you different systems of rainwater catchment which - though perhaps not the most effective--are among the designs more creative and functional with the look of our House. After all, do not have why to contradict the use of natural resources with the decor!

Watree, play on words between water (water) and tree (tree), looks like an umbrella when it is given back. With its vast expanse encompasses a significant amount of space (and works well as a large glass). Watree can be very beneficial when it comes to saving water.

It was designed by Australian designer, Chris Buerckner. It can be placed anywhere in the garden, parks playgrounds or patios. In addition to protect from rain and provide it shadow, Watree collect the rain drops and transferred them to storage tanks, which may be located in different places, the convenience.
For all those homeowners ecological, rain water catchment is always a major concern. And CIST collect rainwater has never been as easy or as elegant before. The idea of a respectful environment construction can spoil the appearance of your home, is already obsolete. CISTA changed everything.

This system is mainly for people who live in urban areas. This creative collection of rain water system was designed by the team of Fig Forty and MOSS SUND Architect. According to them, CISTA can get up to 100 gallons of rainwater (equivalent to about 378 liters).

In addition, does not occupy much space, is located very conveniently on one of the outer walls of the House and is made of stainless steel, but it can be covered with a vine to improve its appearance and make it more "green", itself. In the near future, would be definitely a part of every green home.

Waterwall makes rainwater collection safe and easy. Waterwall - translated, wall of water - are as their name implies, walls that function as a reservoir for water storage, this being its primary role. But can also be used for harvesting rainwater.

The main component of the wall is the water tank. They are generally more bulky than normal tanks. Despite its size, can provide you an excellent capacity of about 2500 litres.

The material component is high density polyethylene stabilised against ultraviolet rays which does not allow the growth of algae in the water tank.
During the season of rains, large amounts of water can be collected and stored in tanks for a long period of time without any kind of formation of algae.