Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Solar Powered Ice Cream Truck

Do you ever thought of linking the ice cream with the heat of the Sun? All green goes, a company of ice cream Holland in association with an Amsterdam based study has developed a sustainable ice cream cart.

This machine can keep your ice cream intact with the help of solar energy. They call it the vending machine or the ice cream cart, is based on a system that stores solar energy in batteries.

These batteries sufficient power for the freezer through the day and night, even when the Sun is not shining.

The ice cream cart has a ceiling that has the photovoltaic panel. This panel will generate effective and reliable AGM batteries throughout the day.

What's more - These batteries can be charged overnight by plugging the system into an external outlet.

When necessary, the roof of the vending machine may be lifted. You can also extend by four panels of telephoto.

With green being the latest rumors, this solar powered ice cream truck may be the choice for all lovers of the eco. This sustainable and compact vending machine has been created by spring and will surely be loved by each and every one.

Curves, elegant and robust are the words that describe this ice cream truck that is mobile and can be your companion at any time and anywhere.