Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New rate Junkers. Edition September 2012

Now available the new general rate of Junkers 2012, Edition September, with the update of products and prices from the Bosch Thermotechnics division brand. It includes all the existing range of products over the coming months: hot water, heating, solar systems, heat pumps and air conditioning. Among the main innovations introduced in this edition of September 2012 is the new range of foot to gas and oil boilers.

The new fare, printed in A4, with 54 pages of content, in its last pages includes information on training programmes and other services for the professional that Junkers aims to support the work of the installers in the stages of the project and the installation of heating systems, water warm, energy solar thermal and air conditioning. This training is complemented, in addition, with the possibility of making such distance learning over the internet.

As usual, the new rate is available for download in pdf version, within the area professional, accessible through the website:, entering in the "Access professional" section and clicking on documentation to rates.
* thermal solar power: