Sunday, October 7, 2012

BMW ActiveE

Summary: Enter the vehicle in detail (120-150 words).

New BMW 1-series-coupe-based ActiveE is an electric car. E active do not have an engine, but it has a motor. The engine compartment has been used by a huge battery which is really equivalent to a size of a large luggage bag. This is the vehicle that has been released then and the MINI group of BMW project I. It's all power and active BMW was shaken to the public at the North American International Auto Show. This show was performed in January 2010 in Detroit. Started four-seater rear wheel drive is testing ground at beginning of this year in United States. This mega city car will be launched in the market by 2013 under the new BMW sub brand.

Features: Describe the characteristics of the vehicle.
The electric wonder active BMW E is described as an electronaut by their test users. This marvel of eco has 32 Kwh lithium-ion batteries with a range of 100 miles (160 kms). This car will keep you on the road as you can stay connected and informed using your iPhone through the free application of BMW for assets and for information related to cargo near stations or the current battery status and much more. The application can also help you to control the climate of your coche-calefaccion and air conditioning mechanisms. Increase the efficiency of the batteries, BMW active e. can load virtually anywhere at any time with a normal wrench. What more? You can have your own charging station by installing in a wallbox with equivalent electric energy consumption; This feature can give you energy in motion. With a full charge within 4-5 hours, high voltage batteries are one of the best technologies available today. The strategic position of batteries under the hood gives help to lower the center of gravity in Active E. In the days when traffic is a cause for concern, this will give some relief as a pedal of a unit in heavy traffic

Variants: Write the names of the cars there is no description necessary.

Design: discuss the design part of the vehicle (130-150). Discuss exterior components and exterior design completely.

The work an important role in the design of the BMW active e. aerodynamics as great attention has been aerodynamically streamlined curves of the bodywork of the car. Blue stickers silver add a touch of appeal BMW in the vehicle. The stickers that flows through the help of body with curves in exemplifying the electronics and active circuits. LED lights accent along with special front air vents reduce turbulence of air in the front. This also adds to the aerodynamics of this car's eco nature.

Performance: Counting upon the type of engine, gearbox and transmission, power, speed, 0 - 100 km/h and all the other technical details.
(E) active BMW has a smooth, fast and linear acceleration. Cruise easily down the road, this car has 8.5 seconds to reach 60 miles per hour, which is equivalent to 97 km/h and a speed of 90 mph, equivalent to 140 km/h. EcoPro mode adds to its attribute green closing Frost and playing a Googly with the climate control to improve efficiency by 10 percent. BMW 1 series Coupe provides a basis for the model BMW active E. Driving pleasure combined with advanced drive technology makes it a perfect choice for all lovers of the eco. Rear-wheel drive and balanced axle load supply offer a great driving pleasure. The three blocks of high voltage batteries placed where traditionally, it is the engine compartment are connected by high tension cables and the control of electric motor which is placed on the rear axle. These batteries made by hand, including the engine and rear axle are mounted by engineers and offer a treatment as usual for each model. Driving at 60 mph in 9 seconds, this series BMW will give enough couple, about 184 lb-ft as soon as you pedal in a loud voice. Using electricity from renewable resources, assistance in the generation of sustainable energy.

Price: given the price range (model base to one upper available). There is no description necessary.
The model is currently being leased out during the field test.

Interior: Examine the inside of the vehicle.
The interiors are so striking compared to the Coupé from BMW 1 series due to the Pearl Grey Dakota leather upholstery. Blue decorative stitching adds zeal. The four-seater unit includes facilities as a seat that can be adjusted to meet the needs of heating. The car display offers enough space to maintain an optimum speed for the entire range. Comfortable with enough space for boot leather upholstery makes an ideal choice for joint travel excursions and every day shopping.

Comfort and safety: write about the comfort and security that offers
The active E said complying with the safety requirements laid down by its engineers. BMW active e. remains safe and free flow even in the State of a collision. Acceleration sensors in airbags, temperature of the batteries or charge level requirements - all these parameters are being tested for final crash tests. In an emergency, the batteries are being scheduled to be disconnected from the mains and make sure that all the modules are downloaded immediately. (E) active is as comfortable as the coupe 1 series. Four seats and two hundred litres of boot offers you great comfort and luxury together with features of convenience that only an electric car is capable of.

Pros: Discuss the pros of the vehicle.
In the days when traffic is a cause for concern, this will give some relief as a pedal of a unit in heavy traffic

Cons: Discussing the cons of the vehicle.
The electric motor to be audible under load as comapared to their counterparts could disappoint some of his fans.