Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The TectonicPlate Under the Indian Ocean is Breaking - Experts Fear Large Earthquakes

The Indo Board or the Indian plate plates the earthquake rupture April 2012 Video explaining about tectonic plates Video tsunami that shocked the world this plate extends from the border of the India with Nepal and China, the Indian subcontinent, Melanesia, Australia and New Zealand.

The plate consists of two parts joined makes 43 million years ago, the Indian plate and the Australian.Seismologists suspect that this plate is fragmenting since 1980, this would be the cause of the earthquake and tsunami of 2004 in Sumatra and also two earthquake of 8 Richter scale from April 2012.

These studies stated that the plate subducts is could be moving northward at a speed of 5.6 cm a year, on the other hand the other party the India would move somewhat slower about 3.7 cm per year due to the impediment of the Himalayan mountains.

The plate was fragmenting is not something new seismologists knew that it is a process slow but gradual. After this break-up of the plate would be the brutal earthquake of 9.2 degrees in centered in Banda Aceh in December 2004 and then the tsunami that caused hundreds of thousands of victims. Matthias Delescluse researcher of you École Normale Supérieure of Paris author of the articles on the topic published in Nature, said EfE:
Seismic activity between Australia and the India was already important before the earthquake of April 2012, but has increased since the 2004 earthquake. We now realize that the deformation of the plate between both countries may result in monstrous earthquakes of a magnitude never recorded before.
Experts are still studying where can be the area of union of these plates. The most likely hypothesis is arising to the southwest of the India or to the West of Sumatra.

Keith Koper, seismologist says that they had never before seen an earthquake of such magnitude. That seemed part of a disorderly breakup of plates. In just 160 seconds tremor caused 4 cracks in the plate, and I felt in the India and in Australia.

This earthquake originated in 2004 in contrast not brought with it a tsunami, since were caused by horizontal movements of oblique faults, producing sea inside away from the coast there were just victims.The majority of large earthquakes occur when two tectonic plates collide each other. However when fractures of plates slide horizontally along the fault usually scrapyard earthquakes of lesser intensity.

Earthquake of April 11, 2012 challenge the above, I know never before had recorded an earthquake of such intensity because not the clash of plates but horizontal parts of the plate displacements. If you like the article you can share on Facebook, Twitter or Google +. Your opinion is important, if you want you can leave your comment at the end of the article. Thanks for reading Blogecologista.comand lightning