Saturday, October 6, 2012

Eco Friendly House Viewing for all Eco Lovers

For the environmentally aware people, a Green eco House has been built by the structure of Los Angeles House and Green Builder ® Media in collaboration. The architects of this House, KAA and P2 design design based this House in the Pacific Palisades area of the. It spreads across an area 4289 sq. ft. approximately. Eco friendly construction is synonymous of a demonstration of Green Luxury House, which is referred as House of vision.

This sustainable residence focuses on eco-friendly design that supports a system of air purification of UV light with solar panels and a central vacuum system that eventually will help in the reduction of greenhouse gas and carbon emissions, this will also result in reduced electricity bills.

This House also has a mildew resistant shower and include accessories such as duct systems or appliances from Gaggenau. These devices include a steam of the countertop and motor of a refrigerator with set aside. The beauty of design is not compromised as the architecture of this House points out the large window along with roof panels in wood. This creates a luminous friendly atmosphere.

The House is eco-friendly accessories and refurbished furniture and side tables made from car parts. The luminaires are made of recycled glass. This vision is the result of a LEED and Energy Star-certified home. This ensures that it is based on green technology. Today's changing climate requires more options to be available to all lovers of the eco. They not only help to save the planet, but it also helps in individual savings. This nice house of ECHO is available at a price of $3.65 million.