Thursday, October 18, 2012

Buderus Installs its Condensing Technology in the Hotel Indalopark in Barcelona

The solution to this emblematic coastal hotel stands out for its modern condensing technology, designed to achieve a high calorific power (400 kW) in a space reduced from just one square meter. In fact, boilers Logamax plus installed on the Indalopark GB162 have been developed by Buderus with new guidelines on decalefaccion technology. Since the signing ensures that the new mural boiler with a seasonal performance of up to 110%, is "an alternative essential for houses or mounted in the form of waterfall, large installations".

The boilers Logamax plus GB162 meet the requirements of quality of engineering and architecture studies. They have a compact form, like conventional boilers for apartments. Sturdy construction, for its construction have been used high-quality materials, which guarantees a long life of the boiler. Assembly is simple and provides great flexibility of location, with the possibility of mounting of four boilers in cascade: 400 kW and a square meter, as has been done in the Indalopark hotel.

The Logamax plus GB162 does not need a complicated hydraulic or require a minimum volume. The Flow Plus (variable speed pump) system adapts the water flow to the power of the boiler. This saves energy and the Flow Plus system reduces the costs of electricity between 30 and 40 per cent in comparison with a conventional bomb.

Another advantage of the new boiler is its easy maintenance, since all operations are carried out from the front of it (it is not necessary to observe lateral distances) and allows you to attach a Logamatic class 5 NOx regulation system. It also has a ceramic burner of premix gas and group of combustion with control of the number of revolutions of the fan, watertight operation, and a low noise level.