Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New Range of Smart Electric Vehicles

Smart presents new Smart Fortwo Electric Drive and Smart Electric Bike models. Electric vehicles and that the brand wants to highlight its commitment for the environment and sustainable development, improving further benefits such as speed or autonomy, a step forward in the development and electric mobility.

In this new phase of electric vehicles has gone from a range of 135 km that had the previous generation to 145 km of the new Smart Fortwo Electric drive, which will allow us both to longer tours within and outside the city.

The new Smart Fortwo Electric Drive is capable of reaching 125 km/h maximum speed, with an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 11.5 seconds, a revolution to verify that the previous generation employed 26.7 seconds to reach the same speed.

If we look at the autonomy of the electric bicycle has a swing of 30 to 100 kilometres, and it offers some really interesting when it comes to move in our city benefits.

The Smart Electric Bike mounts a 250 watt electric motor, attached to the rear wheel and that is powered by a Li-ion battery 400 Wh lithium. Electric power is provided while the user pedals, i.e., is complemented by the physical effort of the person who occupies the bicycle.

 It incorporates 4 different levels of assistance to pedalling, so any person for very little physical shape that has have the ability to navigate any street in your city without worrying about the slope of the ground which circulate. Another interesting fact is that you can drive without having any specific permission for her, since that the assistance of the electric motor will turn off when you exceed 25 km/h Post sponsored