Thursday, November 8, 2012

Advances in Wind Energy: Wind Turbine in Low Winds

On September 18 was presented at the German fair Husum Wind Energy a new wind turbine with which it is possible to use the low winds, which means that we will have at our disposal more amount of wind energy.

While they are still designs, is expected for the second quarter of next year we can know in detail the first prototype which will be installed in in Osterild (Denmark).

The features of this new V126-3.0 MW with a rotor diameter of 126 meters which makes it perfect to take advantage of the low winds and, in turn, is one of the ways in which we will be able to differentiate them with its design of blades with structural shells.

In turn, as experts say, expected that with this type of design are to see reduced investment spending continues to maintain the high quality of the wind turbines.

This type of wind turbine has an area of greater, in particular sweep, a 27% more than the old turbines thanks to their shovels of 62 metres.

In turn, this type of wind turbine will make less noise reducing noise pollution.
This type of wind turbines require a prior measurement of the speed of the wind taking place thanks to the measuring towers.

There are different types of anenometros among them of three hemispherical cups that you've probably seen in any wind farm because it is the most widely used today.

Although, I have to tell you, that these towers are also used in aviation, marine, etc.

Definitely, this kind of products as V126-3.0 MW gives us a bit of encouragement and hope to those who support renewables since this means that increasingly enhance more values pro environment.

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