Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How Many Know About the Offshore Wind Power?

When we talk about offshore wind energy we refer to wind farms that are established in the sea, a park that is intended to get electricity thanks to the force of the wind.

Specifically, are the different pressure atmospheric and temperature that can be in different areas of the sea that cause there are currents of wind.

We are accustomed to speak of solar energy and other renewable energy sources, but we should not miss the opportunity to talk about the news of wind energy marine already uqe we can say that Europe is a leader in this sector.

There's only other two offshore wind farms in CHina and Jiangsu Rudong.

One of the most striking aspects of wind power is the frequency of wind as in high seas often increase by 40% and they are much more regular in Earth. This implies that offshore wind energy is much more productive than land-based wind farms.

Another of the advantages posed by the wind farm at sea is that it is much easier to move wind turbines on boat in trucks and trains due to the large size of each one of its parts (vanes) and weight.
The big disadvantage of wind farms on the high seas are the construction costs since it increases the difficulty, which may rise to double expenditure to which would lead to its installation in the land despite having the same capacity.

Another disadvantage is that this type of renewable energy is still in progress, we could say that he has not yet matured and gradually get to know new technological advances that can make big changes in the facilities that will make them much more viable.

Little by little we have to start to trust even more renewable energy to boost both his Studio and its use.
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