Friday, May 4, 2012

Map of the energy in New York

Then we will analyse one of the tools that will be available to the magna metropolis of New York for the care of electric power, developed by researchers at Columbia University.

Research has led to the development of an Interactive map that allows us to view how different areas of the city are illuminated, the type of buildings is located there and as this combination affects power consumption of the city, in addition to how is used it in the area.

In the city of New York buildings make up two-thirds of the energy expenditure, which is why are planned to launch different programs concienticen on this issue, using tools like this.

The creation of this map uses three fundamental criteria for processing:

Consumption of electricity, Natural Gas and gasoline provided by the Government, from the year 2009AnĂ¡lisis of how these sources have been used: air conditioning, water heating, electricity, etc.Information about the buildings, lots and related taxes