Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Beach and Howe Tower: a structure green horizon rise Vancouver

A pretty bold architectural proposal by BIG (BJarke Ingels Group), the beach and Howe Tower will form a gateway of welcome to downtown Vancouver. The twisting Tower will rise from a base triangular at 490 feet. With 49 floors, there will be 600 residential units and 9 story podium to House various commercial activities. It will be the highest structures in the southern part and will be the tallest enshrined in Vancouver.

Beach and Tower of Howe in Vancouver / BIG
the 490 feet Beach and Howe Tower mixed-use by BIG Westbank + dialogue + cobalt + FAQ + Buro Happold + Glotman Simpson.

Creation of this structure is strategically essential for Vancouver, will be among the efforts that it is making to become a sustainable and affordable city. The typology of buildings represents the the engineering marvel of creativity through the various twists and turns it takes as it rises.

The design aims to optimize future conditions on the ground, in the air. For example, to ensure that residents are hedged against traffic, the middle of the building portion has been a setback for 30 meters from the Granville bridge. There are no balconies or Windows in this part of the tower. This also prevents that the park adjacent to the Tower of shading.

The rise of the cantilevering Tower allows the optimal rectangular surface construction and increasingly more space to live at the top. These results in a single silhouette which makes the Tower appear different from different angles. Almost resembles a flat side curtains to let people in the room to be. The terraces and roofs of overlooking a spectacular view of the Granville bridge. The exterior fa├žade responds to various solar installations and soon the Tower will endeavour to obtain the certification LEED Gold too.