Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Alternative energy types-how they are used today

We walk out of the natural resources that should be kept, so that alternative energy sources are needed to deal with this crisis. More development and research is needed in this area so that we can move forward are going to look for replacements for the foreseeable future. Currently, we are dependent on foreign countries for their exports of oil for use, and we still rely on the old use of fossil fuels. We have to look beyond this and begin to use available alternative energy sources, that there are many.

The sooner we start better, so we can prevent the deterioration of the situation which, according to experts is looming over us. Once alternatives have come, we should examine how best to use them so that systems can be introduced at the earliest convenience.

Wind energy is very much a possible alternative if a lot of wind turbines now in use. It is less expensive to set and we'll continue to steadily develop them for use as energy efficiency. There are many wind farms developed with worldwide and strategically placed to prevent damage to the environment and also birds.
Most of us have heard of solar energy is another source of energy that a good workable alternative. We've all seen solar panels which are manufactured with many solar cells that use of energy from the Sun, so it can be converted into electricity for many applications such as heating water. This source is very environmentally friendly as it does not pollute the air.

An energy that most of us haven't heard is ocean energy. This is renewable energy from the sea which, according to experts to have huge benefits as a source of energy for the future. There is the potential for generating a huge amount of energy and years countries such as France, Ireland and Scotland have already used generators successfully use this source for power.

Hydroelectric energy is one of the oldest alternative energy sources. Powerful generators used water and put it into electricity. It is limited in that you can't build large dams everywhere, which is largely for irrigation and flood control were used. They also affect natural habitat although they are clean and good for the environment. There are now smaller electric generators now is set to so that they can be more localized.
Geothermal energy is a natural resource of which there are an abundance, and just below the surface of the Earth is found. We produce this kind of energy using the molten core of the Earth to heat water. The steam that is produced from the heated water is then used to run turbine engines so that it is converted into electricity. Experts say that more extensive research should be done in this area that we can learn how to tap into this geothermal energy.

We can use Ethanol instead of the use of gas to run our cars and engines. It is derived from strawberries, sugar cane, wheat, wood and wood cellulose. This kind of fuel source may not be feasible if economic according to experts, so that it may not be feasible as a source of energy.

Biodiesel energy may be another source of good energy. It is made from vegetable oils. Seeds, soybeans and other oils can potentially be used to make biodiesel, although the progress is slow as a source of energy to develop. If we are to use this on a large scale that it would not be economically feasible, although it is much more clean than diesel, such as the oil is based. It is also clean and environmentally friendly.