Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sunforce 50044 60-Watt Solar Charging Kit

Sunforce 50044 60-Watt Solar Charging KitDead batteries got you down? Soak up some sunshine with this 60 - watt Solar Kit! Solar power: efficient, abundant and FREE. Looking for a little juice? Solar may be the answer! These super-efficient crystalline Solar Panels were designed for use with cabins, outbuildings, RVs, boats... anywhere running electrical line is not practical. A 7-amp charge controller and 200W inverter help use the sun's energy to charge any 12V vehicle or marine battery. Saves you a TON compared to doing the same job with a gasoline-powered generator! Also can provide remote power for items like feeders, landscaping equipment and more. A bright idea: Produces 4 amps of current under ideal conditions; Maintenance-free and completely silent; Works in all weather conditions, from -35 to 175 degrees F; Blocking diode will not allow batteries to discharge at night; Durable ABS shell; All hardware included (battery sold separately); Measures 40" h. x 58" w., weighs 55 lbs.; Order now for "sun"-sational savings! 60W Panel power potential for 1 week. Will run ALL below: Device: Satellite Dish Wattage: 30 Hours of Use: 90 Device: Bilge/Sump Pump Wattage: 100 Hours of Use: 29 Device: Laptop Computer Wattage: 50 Hours of Use: 59 Device: Compact Lights Wattage: 10 Hours of Use: 294 Device: 12" TV Wattage: 20 Hours of Use: 147 In a typical week (7 days / 7 hours of light each day), a 60W solar panel will generate 2,940W (196 amps) into a 12V battery. 60-watt Solar Panel Kit

Price: $599.99

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