Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunforce AC/DC Power Converter

Sunforce  AC/DC Power ConverterPower your portable gear anywhere with AC - to - DC Power Converter. BIG BUCKS OFF! Car chargers are handy... if you're in your car. What about when you're not? Bring along this convenient AC / DC Converter, and turn any 110V wall outlet into a 12V "power point!" Power up wireless phones, mp3 players, laptops or anything you'd normally plug into your car's lighter port. Perfect for home, office and travel. Portable power: Converter turns any wall socket into a 12V "cigarette lighter" port; Compact and easy to use; Powers any portable gear, up to 6 amps; 1-year limited warranty. Weighs 8 ozs. Don't delay, order today! AC-to-DC Power Converter

Price: $24.99

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