Saturday, August 28, 2010

Energy-saving air-conditioning

We use more air conditioning in summer. Now, why not use an air conditioner that saves energy and is environmentally friendly with the environment? The national laboratory for renewable energy in us (NREL) has researched the subject and has designed an air conditioner can save up to 90% energy


We all know that in the summer we consume a much higher amount of energy and this is due, in large part due to the use of of air conditioners.However, the NREL researchers have developed a new system of air-conditioning, improved energy efficiency because it will be able to save up to 90% of energy compared to conventional gaits, also will reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Since the Blog green we talked about the ecological furniture, serves now mention air conditioning designed by the national laboratory of renewable energy of the United States.We can use at home or in our workplace and we chilled at the same time we get a significant reduction in energy expenditure. He is estimated that using this type of eco-based clean, in about five years energy air-conditioning will be an interesting reduction of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Eric Kozubal, director of the research along with other engineers, explained that this innovative ecological air-conditioning system is capable of consuming up to 90% less energy than any other common air-conditioning.The new designed air is based on a combination of already known that evaporates but that leads, in turn, a material that can absorb water cooling.This has been possible thanks to the use of very conentradas lithium chloride and calcium chloride solutions that are compounds that dry completely generated air and eradicate any problem of humidification in environments.

For dry and fresh air, engineers have examined the use of clean energy.

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