Sunday, August 29, 2010

Biotechnology courses

Erenovable we want to tell today a little bit of biotechnology, one science interest currently raised by its application to many and various fields, as well as biotechnology courses.


Biotechnology is able to unite the biology and technology so that we can create new compounds or particles to fields such as industry, medicine, food and agriculture.

After the arrival of biotechnological research industry found a deficit científico-gestores profiles - entrepreneurs.The growth taking place in this business field generates a demand for professionals that the market is not today covering.

For this reason, graduates in pharmacy, medicine, biology, chemistry, etc., may become a biotecnólogos experts forming in each of the disciplines that this science known.

In this way are presented as objectives of the Master:
• New techniques used in genetic engineering, both its theoretical vision and its practical aspect.
• Discuss the practical applications of this science in each of the sectors industrial covered, such as the food industry, chemistry and pharmaceuticals.
• Deepen on biotechnological treatment methods used in the environment.
• Determine the methods and techniques in business management.
• Discuss the financial aspects which are expansionando biotechnology market.
• Know the legislation that regulates the treatment of biotechnology, products in the field of biosafety and Bioderechos both its patentability.
• Implement new technology and developments in this science by the bioinformatics.
• Interpret the principles and ethical regulations that mark this discipline on bioethics.
• Learn grammatical structures and the scientific vocabulary through the technical English.
• Discuss the international scene and its regulation in comparison with the national development of biotechnology.

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