Monday, August 13, 2012

Recycled Beer bottles Used to Construct Las Vegas Building

Las Vegas is also known as Sin City for its over the top glitz, the way it appears to promote glamour over everything else and its promotion of the indulgence of one’s senses to the point of being gluttonous.

By its apparent promotion of vices, being eco-friendly is perhaps the last thing on the minds of builders which is exactly why the Morrow Royal Pavilion stands out as a beacon of eco-righteousness in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas’ Morrow Royal Pavilion is made from 500,000 recycled beer bottles

Used as a manufacturing facility, the building is made entirely from recycled beer bottles. All the bottles used in the structure were collected by Realm of Design from hotels located near the Las Vegas Strip. The project was commissioned by Scott McCombs, an entrepreneur, and was inspired by England’s Swarkestone Hall Pavilion.

With a 30,000-square-foot of floor space inside, the structure is already being dubbed the largest building in the world constructed from recycled bottled.

Las Vegas’ Morrow Royal Pavilion is made from 500,000 recycled beer bottles
The building was constructed using over 500,000 discarded beer bottles which could have filled a space as big as 8 football fields. However, looking at the exterior of the building, no one can tell that it’s made from beer bottles or any other recycled materials.

The bricks used in making the Pavilion were given a sandstone-like finish and texture by crushing the beer bottled finely into a grainy material after it was mixed with fly ash. This mixture was then melted and poured into moulds to for the bricks that are called ‘GreenStone’.

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